Our primary instrument, a one manual, eight rank Roederer tracker pipe organ (Evanston, Illinois, 1970) was purchased from the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, where it had been used for only a year while their new organ was being built. The organ has six stops: 16′ Subbass, 8′ Gedackt, 4′ Principal, 4′ Rohrflöte, 2′ Octave, and Mixture III. It has one 61-note manual, 32-note pedals, and a manual-to-pedal coupler.

The organ is a fine instrument that complements our choir beautifully. The worship space has superior acoustics. A loud clap in the unoccupied space resonates for two to three seconds.

Transfiguration has two rehearsal pianos, one in the choir loft, and one in Leach Hall; and a three octave set of chimes.